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Center for the Analysis of Trade and economic Transitions (CATT)
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Location Choices and Environmental Economics

Workshop description

The aim of this workshop is to discuss how the location choice of households and firms (domestic and multinational) affects the environment and vice-versa. Papers on pollution havens, green clusters, compact cities, regional energy transition, natural disasters and their consequences on the spatial economy are welcomed. Beyond those topics, the workshop should serve as a platform to address more broadly the different relationships between environmental policies and the geography of the economy.



9h30-10h00 : Welcome and opening of the workshop.

Session: Urban economics.  10h00-12h30

12h30-13h30 Lunch

Session: International economics.  13h30-16h30

Coffee Break 14h50-15h

 Organizing Committee

Maxime Bouter, Fabien Candau, Geoffroy Guepie, Carole Haritchabalet, Florence Lachet-Touya, Charles Regnacq, Julie Schlick.

 Scientific Committee

Rémi Bazillier (U. Paris 1, CES)

José de Sousa (U. Paris-Saclay, RITM)

Fabien Candau (UPPA, CATT)

Elisa Dienesch (Sc Po Aix, CHERPA)


Walid Oueslati (OECD, Environment dir)

Lionel Ragot (U. Paris Nanterre, EconomiX)

Stéphane Riou (U. J Monnet, GATE Lyon Saint-Etienne)


For submissions, please send a version of your article to Mrs Loumagne at catt@univ-pau.fr. The deadline for submissions is May 19, 2017. Authors of papers that are accepted for presentation at the workshop will be notified by the end of May 2017. All submitted papers will be peer reviewed according to a high-quality and fast referee process overviewed by the Scientific Committee.

Please note that the workshop has no fees, and it includes a lunch and refreshments.