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Center for the Analysis of Trade and economic Transitions (CATT)
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PhD studentsTheses in progress

The PhD students at the CATT are enrolled in the PhD School “Social Sciences and Humanities” (ED 481).


  • Mohamed ABDALLAH ALI

“The impact of micro-financing on reducing poverty: the case in Djibouti”

Thesis supervisors: Mazhar YASIN MUGHAL, Farid MAKHLOUF


  • Abdelhamid ADDI

“Systemic risk and Islamic finance”

Thesis supervisor: Jamal BOUOIYOUR


  • Georges AGWU

“Essays on Migration and Economic Development”

Thesis supervisors: Isabelle CHORT, Jean-Noël SENNE


  • Setembrino Benur ANDRADE VARELA

“Globalization and health in developing countries”

Thesis supervisors: Patrice CASSAGNARD, Jacques LE CACHEUX


  • Sumeet ASHOK

“Modelling the shadow economy and its dynamics”

Thesis supervisors: Mazhar YASIN MUGHAL, Jacques LE CACHEUX


  • Muhammad AYAZ

“Transmission of international economic shocks on Pakistan economy: a structural var approach”

Thesis supervisors: Mazhar YASIN MUGHAL, Serge REY


  • Mamoudou BA

“Financial development, institutions and poverty in developing countries”

Thesis supervisors: Mazhar YASIN MUGHAL, Ismaïl KHALEF


  • Oussama BEN ATTA

“Three empirical essays on international migration”

Thesis supervisor: Isabelle CHORT


  • Hanane BENDJERAD

“Les déterminants de l'émigration des médecins algériens et les freins au retour”

Thesis supervisor: Jacques JAUSSAUD


  • Maxime BOUTER

“The contribution of carbon tax to growth in the European Union”

Thesis supervisor: Jacques LE CACHEUX



“Le rôle de l'hydrogène dans la transition énergétique”

Thesis supervisor: Carole HARITCHABALET


  • Simon BUDE

“Contribution au modèle économique, social, environnemental d'un mode de transport innovant rail-route par Wagon Automoteur Individuel”

Thesis supervisors: Jean-Pierre DOMECQ, Jacques JAUSSAUD


  • Camille CONTRERAS

“Responsabilité Environnementale et Sociale des entreprises du territoire néo-aquitain”

Thesis supervisors: Carole HARITCHABALET, Eduardo ORTAS


  • Sara DANI

“L'impact de la GRH sur la performance des PMG au Maroc”

Thesis supervisor: Jacques JAUSSAUD


  • Yassine DERRABI

“The repercussions of fluctuating oil prices on economic activity and profits on the stock exchange market: the case of the MENA countries”

Thesis supervisor: Jamal BOUOIYOUR


  • Lionel FOUDA

“Diversity, social cohesion, and growth”

Thesis supervisor: Jamal BOUOIYOUR


  • Marie GAUTHIER

“Combined Analysis for Physical and Economical Management of Energy Systems for housings”

Thesis supervisor: Carole HARITCHABALET


  • Tchapo GBANDI

“Urban economy in developing countries, the role of institutions”

Thesis supervisor: Fabien CANDAU


  • Maialen GELIZE

“Project for the construction and development of a first aid network”

Thesis supervisors: Jacques JAUSSAUD, Véronique PILNIERE


  • Reem HAMIEH

“Concurrence, stabilité et efficience productive des banques libanaises”

Thesis supervisors: Jacques JAUSSAUD, Sam DZEVER


  • Ousmane KABA

“The impact of migration on OECD countries”

Thesis supervisor: Jamal BOUOIYOUR


  • Rosette KHALIL

“The role of Islamic Banks in the development of countries in the MENA region”

Thesis supervisor: Jamal BOUOIYOUR



“Quelles politiques pour le marché du travail marocain”

Thesis supervisor: Jean-Marc MONTAUD


  • Ilhame MAYA

“Entrepreneurship among immigrant populations and international trade (Case of France)”

Thesis supervisors: Jacques LE CACHEUX, Jamal BOUOIYOUR


  • Yossra MEDDEB

“Social responsibility family involvement, performance: case of French family companies listed on the stock exchange.”

Thesis supervisor: Jacques JAUSSAUD



"Energy Markets in the presence of renewable energies"

Thesis supervisor: Carole HARITCHABALET



"Three Essays on Development Economics"

Thesis supervisors: Mazhar YASIN MUGHAL, Jacques LE CACHEUX


  • Gautam NAGPAL

"Internationalisation strategies of Indian enterprises which operate or are prospecting operation in Europe"

Thesis supervisors: Jacques JAUSSAUD, Bruno AMANN


  • Otheman NOUISSER

"L'optimisation de polices d'assurance au Maroc"

Thesis supervisor: Jacques JAUSSAUD, Jalal AZEGAGH


  • Mohamed Lamine Amara SACKO

“Immigration, well-being, social cohesion, social fragmentation in the host country, France”

Thesis supervisor: Jamal BOUOIYOUR


  • Nassim SAKHAF

“Renewable and non renewable energy substitution in the electricity generation”

Thesis supervisor: Jamal BOUOIYOUR


  • Mamadou THIAM

“Reintroducing strategic interactions in international trade theories”

Thesis supervisors: Jacques LE CACHEUX, Patrice CASSAGNARD


  • Ali UBAID

“Essays on migration and agriculture”

Thesis supervisors: Mazhar YASIN MUGHAL, Jacques LE CACHEUX


  • Oussama ZENNATI

“The role of international migration in the redistribution of gender relations and social cohesion: case of Morocco”

Thesis supervisor: Jamal BOUOIYOUR


  •  Wei ZHANG

“The cross cultural management of chinese telecom companies in France”

Thesis supervisor: Jacques JAUSSAUD