Regulation and public policies

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Center for the Analysis of Trade and economic Transitions (CATT)
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Regulation and public policies(under the supervision of Fabien Candau and Florence Lachet-Touya)

This line of research focuses on all projects concerned with public interventions in the economy. It therefore includes research on taxation, banking regulations, territorial organization and planning, innovative corporate practices and, generally speaking, all the public policies that aim to correct market failures and imperfections.

This research is based on three themes:


Europe and taxation

The purpose of this theme is to analyze the coordination problems among national policies (and how to overcome them) in the Euro zone. Tax competition issues faced with capital mobility and discussions on own resources for the budget of the European Union are at the heart of this topic.


Environment and sustainable development

This theme tackles public intervention problems related to environmental topics.  It groups together work on sustainable development indicators, ecological taxation and environmental standards. It also includes work on the energy transition.


Companies and markets

The analysis of public policies is also tackled from the perspective of companies and markets. The factors that determine the social responsibility practices of companies and the issue of valorizing innovative companies are the main subject areas in this theme.