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Center for the Analysis of Trade and economic Transitions (CATT)



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Center for the Analysis of Trade and Economic TransitionsPresentation


The research work conducted by the CATT team (resident research team EA 753) focuses essentially on the areas of European and international economy, and on development and the environment.

It aims to shed light on economic policy issues or to analyze the evolutions recently observed in these aeras.

The CATT develops its work in two lines of research: International economics and development economics and regulations and public policies.

The research work is featured in publications in prestigious scientific reviews. They are presented and discussed at CATT research seminars and are often included in the series of CATT working papers.

The team regularly takes on research contracts for local councils and governmental organizations. It has taken part in various European contracts: HLGOR, EU-Consent, EU-Mercopol, FEMISE.


Team and Resources

The CATT (Center for the Analysis of Trade and Economic Transitions) is a resident research team (EA 753) recognized by the Ministry for Higher Education and Research. It includes researchers, associate researchers and PhD students.

The Center has a comprehensive documentation room stocked with all the major international publications on economic theory, works on economic sciences, economic and sectorial databases (on the macro-economy and international finance, International Finance Statistics from the FMI; on activity and trade, the CHELEM database from the CEPII, The UN Comtrade database by Eurostats; on protection, MacMaps from the ITC and CEPII, an indicators database on the OECD tariff and non-tariff barriers). Lastly, the center has a sizeable capacity for statistical and econometric calculation, in particular using SAS, GAMS and Winrats.


Our courses

The Masters in Applied Economics received UPPA Quality label in 2012.

Masters in Applied Economics

The CATT oversees the Applied Economics major and its courses CEEM / EIED.

PhD studies

The CATT hosts around twenty PhD students ( in economics) and two to four theses are defended every year.