A new economic world

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Center for the Analysis of Trade and economic Transitions (CATT)
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A new economic world: measuring well-being and sustainability in the 21st century

Meeting-Debate - Le Parvis Pau

Jacques LE CACHEUX, Professor of Economic Sciences at the CATT/UPPA

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The rift between citizens and their governments is now tangible. Contenting ourselves with perfecting the DGP and standard indicators is no longer an option if we are to give meaning to the economic world of the 21st century. Recent indicators have reflected essential aspects of well-being such as health, education and trust, or the compatibility of human development with ecological challenges. Milestones for civilization, these indexes will breathe new life into the public debate and serve as compasses for new policies and new practices at all levels. To measure is to govern!

Un nouveau monde économique, Mesurer le bien- être et la soutenabilité au XXIe siècle, 2015, Jacques Le Cacheux, Éloi Laurent - Éditions Odile Jacob.