Territorial wealth

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Center for the Analysis of Trade and economic Transitions (CATT)
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Territorial wealth

 Pau, Training and Research Unit (UFR) for Law, Economics and Management

Conference given by Anne MUSSON, Senior Lecturer in Economic Sciences

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Anne Musson raises the following questions on territorial wealth:

1. Questions on the concepts of wealth and performance. What makes a wealthy, high-performance territory? What are the aims public territorial managers? Where does the link like between well-being and wealth?

2. When it comes to wealth, we have to look further beyond the GDP. The different types of “stored” wealth are presented: built capital, natural capital, capital and social capital. Anne Musson focuses on the last type to explain why trust and cooperation are dominant types of wealth that are rarely taken into consideration.

3. How can these different types of wealth be measured? Anne Musson talks about the different measurements, such as the HDI as well as other, more innovative and subjective measurements, like the OECD well-being index (where people score their priorities).