Territorial dynamics

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Center for the Analysis of Trade and economic Transitions (CATT)
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Territorial dynamics - Ode to diversity

Pau, College Training and Research Unit (SSH-UFR) for Law, Economics and Management.

Conference given by Olivier BOUBA OLGA, Professor of Economics at the University of Poitiers.

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Olivier Bouba-Olga is author of the work Dynamiques territoriales : éloge de la diversité 1, (Territorial dynamics - Ode to diversity), a book which follows on from over two years of research work in different French territories.

Diametrically opposed to theories on metropolization, in the debate on territorial planning and organization policies, Olivier Bouba-Olga demonstrates that the possibilities for creating wealth and employment extend far beyond the limits of a few very large cities, provided that the diversity of territorial contexts is taken into consideration and that we have enough information about the operators of change (tendency to fragment production processes, impact of demographic evolutions, long-term or temporary mobility, the weight of history, etc.).

Territories are exposed to the increasing effects of globalization and mobilities and are currently faced with a whole host of developments. What lies in store for them in the future is an unknown quantity. Based on a number of case studies, the author explains that the health of a territory is highly dependent on the capacity of territorial players to use its resources. He is also vehemently opposed to the idea that a multi-purpose development model needs to be found.

(1) Olivier Bouba-Olga, Dynamiques territoriales. Eloge de la diversité, Editions de l'Atlantique, 2017, 94 p.