Country competitiveness

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Center for the Analysis of Trade and economic Transitions (CATT)
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Country competitiveness

 Pau, Training and Research Unit (UFR) for Law, Economics and Management

Conference given by Raphaël CHIAPPINI, Senior lecturer and author of a book on the subject (collection Repères, Editions La Découverte)

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 Competitiveness is now a priority objective in economic policy and yet in the economic sphere, there is still no established consensus as to its definition. This work presents the major debates on the concept of national competitiveness and proposes a precise definition, founded on the assessment of the advantages gained by a country when it branches out internationally.
Starting out from a theoretical, rich and contemporary framework the effects of opening out internationally on a country’s wealth and a review of the different “competitiveness” indicators, the book answers a number of vital questions: why should the competitiveness of a country be differentiated from that of its companies and regions? What are the reasons for which a country can be both productive and less competitive than another? Why should the measurement of national competitiveness go beyond the criterion of export performance? In the current globalization context, how should a nation’s government devise its competitiveness strategy?