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Center for the Analysis of Trade and economic Transitions (CATT)
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HLGOR (High Level Group on Own Resources)

Team :

  • Jacques LE CACHEUX (responsable projet)
  • Fabien CANDAU
  • Claude EMONNOT
  • Florence LACHET-TOUYA

Project :

The study "Potential and Limitations of Reforming the Financing of the EU Budget" has been commissioned by the European Commission on behalf of the HLGOR.

This study places the EU budget in a modern context; it is divided into five parts:

- Part I outlines the present status, what has changed over the last years and the need for a budget to enable the EU to face its present difficulties.

- Part II looks at the challenges and opportunities for reforming the budget from a political and legal perspective.

- Part III goes into detail about the potential elements of a reform, from an assessment of new resources to reforms connected with expenditure-side improvements.

- Part IV presents a set of possible package deals and discusses their merit.

- Part V discusses further wider issues concerning the role of the EU budget in relation with the Euro-zone and additional considerations, such as the duration of the MFF.

Executive Summary:

The arguments in favor of genuine own resources are stated in the European Commission’s analyses accompanying the proposals for reform, and have been reiterated in the assessment report by the High Level Group on Own Resources. Academics and politicians alike generally consider that reform is necessary. Yet despite a multitude of studies demonstrating the need to reform the own resources, the net balance approach of governments to the EU budget remains prevalent. While it is widely acknowledged that the system cannot remain as it is, this realization is far from enough to ensure reform. The net balance ‘instinct’ immediately kicks in when any new financial decisions are taken, even for very urgent and clearly EU-level common challenges like the migration crisis.

Find more : http://ec.europa.eu/budget/mff/hlgor/highlights/highlight_en.cfm?id=21

Consult the integrality of study : http://ec.europa.eu/budget/mff/hlgor/library/highlights/hlgor-studies-external-studyonfinancingofeu-budget-june-2016_en.pdf

Silent partner :

European Comission

Partners :


















Duration :

8 months