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Center for the Analysis of Trade and economic Transitions (CATT)
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Energy and Environment Publications

Publications in the Energy and Environment Theme.

Publications 2015-2019, on 01/30//2020 on the theme:



  • Articles in national or international peer-reviewed journals listed in international databases

BOUOIYOUR J., SELMI R., WOHAR M., 2019, "Safe havens in the face of political uncertainty: A comparison between Bitcoin, oil and precious metals", Applied Economics, vol. 51, n° 57, p. 6076-6088, DOI: , (HCERES:A ; CNRS:2)

BOUOIYOUR J., SELMI R., HAMMOUDEH S., WOHAR M., 2019, "What are the categories of geopolitical risks that could drive oil prices higher? Acts or threats?", Energy Economics, vol. 84, octobre, DOI: , (HCERES:A ; CNRS:2)

MENSI W., SELMI R., SHEWKAT H., BOUOIYOUR J., 2018, "Is Bitcoin a hedge, a safe haven or a diversifier for oil price movements? A comparison with gold", Energy Economics, vol. 74, p. 787-801, (AERES:A CNRS:2)

BOUOIYOUR J., SELMI R., 2018, "Heterogeneous Responses to China and Oil Shocks: the G7 Stock Markets", Journal of Economic Integration, vol. 33, n° 3, p. 488-513, septembre, (AERES:B CNRS:3)

BOUOIYOUR J., SELMI R., SHAHBAZ M., SHAHZAD J., 2017, "Response of Stock Returns to Oil Price Shocks: Evidence from Oil Importing and Exporting Countries", Journal of Economic Integration, vol. 32, n° 4, p. 913-936, décembre, (AERES:B CNRS:3)

BOUOIYOUR J., SELMI R., 2016, "How Differently Does Oil Price Influences BRICS Stock Markets?", Journal of Economic Integration, vol. 31, n° 3, p. 545-566, septembre, (AERES:B CNRS:3)

BOUOIYOUR J., SELMI R., SHAHBAZ M., TIWARI A., 2015, "The Nexus between Oil price and Russia’s Real Exchange rate: Better Paths via Unconditional vs Conditional Analysis", Energy Economics, n° 51, p. 54-66, (AERES:A CNRS:2)

CANDAU F., GBANDI T., 2019, "Trade and Institutions: Explaining Urban Giants", Journal of Institutional Economics, vol. 15, n° 6, p. 1017-1034, décembre, DOI: 10.1017/s1744137419000328, (en ligne le 1er juillet 2019), (HCERES:A ; CNRS:2)

CANDAU F., DIENESCH E., 2017, "Pollution Haven and Corruption Paradise", Journal of Environmental Economics and Management, n° 85, p. 171-192, septembre, (AERES:A* CNRS:1)

CANDAU F., DEISTING F., SCHLICK J, 2016, "How Income and Crowding Effects Influence the World Market for French ", World Economy, octobre, (AERES:A CNRS:2)

CANDAU F., REY S., 2015, "L’impact de la démographie sur les importations de Mayotte", Revue Economique, vol. 66, p. 159-172, juin, (AERES:B CNRS:3)

CANDAU F., DIENESCH E., 2015, "Spatial Distribution of Skills and Regional Trade Integration", Annals of Regional Science, (AERES:A CNRS:2)

DEISTING F., REY S., 2015, "Determinants of Tourism in French Overseas Departments and Collectivities", Région et Développement, n° 42, (AERES:C CNRS:4)

DINAR A, HANAK E, REGNACQ C, 2016, "The Gravity of Water: Water Trade Frictions in California", Advance Access, American Journal of Agricultural Economics, 24 juillet, (AERES:A* CNRS:1)

HAZEM S., REY S., accepté 2019, "Labor productivity and economic growth in a hydrocarbon-dependent economy: The Algerian case, 1984-2014", European Journal of Development Research, (AERES:C CNRS:4), à paraître

TOURATIER N, MACHAT K., JAUSSAUD J., 2019, "Impact of French governmental policies to reduce freight transportation CO2 emissions on small-and medium-sized companies", Journal of Cleaner Production, vol. 215, p. 721-729, 1 avril, (AERES:B FNEGE:3)

JAUSSAUD J., TOURATIER N, 2017, "Pratiques d'achats durables dans le transport routier de marchandises : le cas du programme français FRET 21", Logistique & Management, p. 1-12, novembre, (AERES:C FNEGE:4)

MONTAUD J-M., 2019, "Agricultural drought impacts on crops sector and adaptation options in Mali: a macroeconomic computable general equilibrium analysis", Environment and Development Economics, vol. 24, n° 5, p. 506-528, octobre, DOI: , (en ligne le 6 juin 2019), (HCERES:B ; CNRS:3)

MONTAUD J-M., PECASTAING N., TANKARI M., 2017, "Potential socio-economic implications of future climate change and variability for Nigerien agriculture: A countrywide dynamic CGE-Microsimulation analysis", Economic Modelling, vol. 63, p. 128-142, juin, (AERES:A CNRS:2)

MONTAUD J-M., TANKARI M., 2016, "When social and economic goals meet: the double dividend of improving farmers health capital in Uganda", Journal of Development Studies, vol. 52, p. 1258-1272, (AERES:A CNRS:2), (publié en ligne 21 avril 2016)

MONTAUD J-M., PECASTAING N., 2016, "Does Mexico benefit from the Clean Development Mechanism? A model-based scenario general equilibrium analysis", Environment and Development Economics, vol. 21, n° 2, p. 226-228, avril, (AERES:B CNRS:3), ((Published online: 02 June 2015))

REY S., NIVOIX S., 2018, "Dynamics of Tokyo Electric Power Company and the Nikkei: 1985 to 2016 including the Fukushima disaster", Journal of Economic Integration, vol. 33, n° 1, p. 979-1010, Mars, (AERES:B CNRS:3)

NIVOIX S., REY S., 2017, "TEPCO’s (Tokyo Electric Power Co Holdings) Stock Behaviour in the Long Run", Transition Studies Review, vol. 24, n° 2, p. 45-62, (AERES:C)



  • Communications with proceedings in a congress

CANDAU F., GBANDI T., 2018, "First and Second Nature of Urban Giants", 13th Meeting of the Urban Economics Association, Columbia University, Urban Economics Association, New York City, 12-13 octobre

CHORT I., 2018, "Managing the impact of climate on migration: Evidence from Mexico", EUDN Scientific Conference, The European Development Research Network (EUDN) and NHH Bergen, Bergen, Norvège, 10-11 décembre

CHORT I., 2018, "Managing the impact of climate on migration: Evidence from Mexico", 7th GRETHA International Conference on Economic Development, GRETHA, Bordeaux, 25-27 juin

REY S., 2019, "Toshiba’s stock long term analysis: a Japanese company impacted by the financial crisis, a major fraud scandal and its strategy in energy production", 24th International Euro-Asia Research Conference "Sustainable Development and Energy Transition: Asian and European Corporate Strategies in the wake of the 2008 Financial Crisis", Barsac, 26-28 mai

NIVOIX S., REY S., 2018, "The Great East Japan Earthquake’s effects on electric power companies financial situation", 22nd International Euro-Asia Research Conference "Overcoming the limits to growth and human development: Managerial Challenges - Asian and European Perspectives", Universita di Parma, Parma, Italy, 21-23 juin

NIVOIX S., REY S., 2016, "TEPCO’s stock behaviour in the long run", 21st International Euro-Asia Research Conference “Asia-Europe Strategic Partnership in a Dynamic World: Business-Economic Linkages and Political Interdependence", Busan, Corée, 22-24 juin

NIVOIX S., REY S., 2015, "TEPCO after Fukushima resistance or resilience?", 20th EU-Asia International Research Seminar "Asian Development, Institutional Change and Business Strategy in an unstable World Economy", Ruhr Universität Bochum, Bochum, 27-29 mai

  • Communications without acts in a congress (COM)

CHORT I., 2018, "Managing the impact of climate on migration: Evidence from Mexico", 2nd CATT-UPPA Workshop - Environment and development: taking on new challenges, UPPA-CATT, CEPREMAP, Bayonne, 6 juillet

MONTAUD J-M., 2018, "Agricultural drought risk and options for adaptation in Mali", 2nd CATT-UPPA Workshop - Environment and development: taking on new challenges, UPPA-CATT, CEPREMAP, Bayonne, 6 juillet


  • Scientific books or chapters

NIVOIX S., REY S., 2018, "The Great East Japan Earthquake's Effects on Electric Power Companies' Financial Situation", in ANDREOSSO-O'CALLAGHAN B., JAUSSAUD J., ZOLIN B., Eds, Asian Nations and Multinationals - Overcoming the Limits to Growth, Palgrave MacMillan, p. 121-138

NIVOIX S., REY S., 2018, "TEPCO après Fukushima : résistance ou résilience ?", in Julien Bouvard et Cléa Patin, Eds, Japon Pluriel 12 - Autour de l’image : arts graphiques et culture visuelle au Japon : Actes du douzième colloque de la Société française des études japonaises, Editions Picquier

NIVOIX S., REY S., 2017, "La catastrophe de Fukushima en 2011 : quelles conséquences financières et boursières ? ", in J. Martine et D.-A. Malinas, Eds, Japon Pluriel 11- Le Japon au début du XXIe siécle : dynamiques et mutations, Editions Picquier, n° 11


Other productions

 LE CACHEUX J., 2015, "L'émergence d'une agriculture mondialisée : avenirs possibles de l'agriculture européenne", Diplomatie, n°74, p. 46-49, mai-juin